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    How can I submit my document(s) to EditFox for editing or proofreading?

    You may submit up to four documents at any one time via our website’s Submit Document section either directly as a web upload or alternatively as an email attachment, Dropbox or Google docs link, etc. After entering the word count of your document(s) into the appropriate field, you can then proceed directly to check out and secure payment.

    What document types can I upload to the EditFox website?

    Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Text, and LaTeX. If you would like to submit another document type, please send it to us by email.

    How will the edits and changes be marked on my document(s)?

    All changes made to Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents will be marked by tracked changes. As LaTeX files do not allow for tracked changes, a third party text comparison tool may be used by the client to see changes. Further comments will be provided by email when edited documents are returned.

    What is the difference between Standard Proofreading and Proofreading Plus?

    Our Standard Proofreading service ensures all necessary orthographic changes will be made to a document, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections. We will also check a document for consistency; e.g. punctuation, use of italics, use of American vs. British English, use of capitalisation in main text and headings, and formatting of numbers.

    Our Proofreading Plus service also ensures all necessary orthographic changes will be made and the document will be reviewed for consistency as per our standard service. In addition, we will edit the document for style and tone, and make significant improvements where possible to ensure the text reads as that of a native English speaker. This may include editing for clarity and conciseness, improving sentence structure, providing alternative word choices, questioning unclear sections, and rewriting small parts of the text where needed.

    All edits made will be marked and comments provided as necessary to ensure our clients have the final say over changes made to their work.

    In what instances would I use the Expert Editing service?

    Our Expert Editing service is ideal for copy and small texts that need dedicated, professional editing and copywriting input. These may include websites, marketing and advertising copy, articles and blog posts, and CVs, cover letters and other application letters.

    With a fresh set of eyes, we will significantly improve your text, revising and rewriting as needed, to ensure it is making the correct statement for its intended purpose. We will take a thorough approach to understanding the subject matter and context for which your text is intended so you can convey your message to your audience in the best possible way.

    Am I able to trial your services first?

    Yes, we offer complimentary, obligation-free trials of our proofreading services. Please email us via hellomail@@mail@editfox.ch with your document attached, and we will proofread the first two pages or 10% of your document and return it to you at no cost.

    I have a question regarding changes made to my document. How can I contact you?

    You can contact us any time by email and we will answer as soon as possible.

    Do you also work on weekends?

    Yes, we are working around the clock, 365 days a year, including weekends and public holidays. Our standard turnaround time is within 72 hours. We also offer an express service with a turnaround time of 24 hours. We understand that many of our clients are working to tight deadlines and will endeavour to be as quick and responsive as possible to our clients’ needs.

    My document contains many technical words. Is this ok?

    Yes, we have edited and proofread documents from all scientific and academic fields, including political science and international relations, economics and finance, marketing and communications, business management, education, biology, molecular science, engineering, computer science, physics, nutritional science, resource management and forestry, horticulture, geology, environmental science, remote sensing systems, marine biology and sensor technology.

    Can I pay by bank transfer?

    Yes, we will provide an invoice with the details of the bank account to which you can transfer the money as per below.

    Beneficiary's Name: Joanna Schuurman
    Bank Account Number: 31-011275-6
    Bank Name: PostFinance Ltd
    Bank Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
    IBAN: CH15 0900 0000 3101 1275 6

    Can I have only parts of my document edited/proofread?

    Yes, please mention which section(s) you would like edited/proofread in the “comments” field during checkout via our website and enter the word count of only this section(s) accordingly.

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    General enquiries: hello[at]editfox.ch

    Text submission: edit[at]editfox.ch
    Please send the document as an email attachment.

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